Dixa Wants To Help You Go Remote 🏡

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At Dixa, we’re committed to keeping your team safe and your customers happy during this difficult time, which is why we're offering our platform and services to new customers for free through September 2020 . No strings attached!

Our new offer gives teams the ability to:

  • 🆓 Get the complete platform for FREE until Sept. 30
  • 🆓 Receive FREE onboarding and training from Dixa professionals
  • 🚀 Go live in 1 working day on phone, email, chat & messaging
  • ☎️ Keep your existing numbers and telephony provider (we'll help you do it!) 

*Whatsapp monthly charges and inbound/outbound telephony usage charges excluded

If you're interested in taking your team remote, book a demo right here and our team of professionals will help you get up and out of the office in no time 💨 

Watch this 4 minute demo to see how easy it is to switch to Dixa 📺

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"Our top two priorities are always to take care of our customers and be there for our florist members. With the recent pandemic, we were forced to go remote overnight. Dixa gives us the freedom to work from anywhere, which in these times is a necessity." 

- Iman Safari, Head of Customer Service at Interflora

"My favorite feature in Dixa is that we can set up a new webshop with phone, email and chat in an hour."

- Max R., G2 Reviewer

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